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COVID-19 and The Black & Brown Community Pt. I

by Sharolyn Forbes


COVID-19 ... and The Black & Brown Community Pt. I

May 8, 2020|Black & Brown Community News by Sharolyn Forbes

Lately I have been receiving an unusual number of  FB "Messenger" posts entitled "read and share before they take it down" Take for instance the video smearing Dr. Fauci & pushing the Lupus drug HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE starring Judy Mikovits https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/scientist-vaccine-jailed/  .... Most of it, if not all, stinks of Trump's conspiracy theories and the timing fits his agenda to create an even greater divide amongst the people of the US perfectly. This latest "so called whistleblower" video, without question, reiterates his hate & jealousy for the public popularity & approval of  the leadership & truthfulness being currently demonstrated by Gov Cuomo & Dr. Fauci along with his determination to push his pet drug Hydroxychloroquine.  Finally and most importantly all of these videos continue to support the idea that poor, disenfranchised & minority non-essential workers get back out there to work in an unsafe environment regardless of the health risks to them and their families all for the good of an economy that makes millions for him and the rest of his corporate overseers  but refuses to pay its workers a fair living wage....  Huh?🙄

Then we have the video of the "unnamed nurse" in scrubs who appears sincere & distraught about hospital administrators & staff in NYC standing by and allowing only the minority patients to die either deliberately or as a result of an incompetent medical staff that lack professionalism & empathy. Now, while I realize nothing & no one is without flaws & the healthcare system in the US desperately needs an overhaul, to infer that minority nurses, doctors & administrators who make up the majority of NYC hospital staff, would just standby & allow minority people to be singled out and left to die is just ludicrous (she obviously doesn't know the true character of Black or Brown people at all) She never names any particular hospital or offending administrators & staff members  who have and continue to commit what would be called, in no uncertain terms, "Murder" nor does she admit to alerting the authorities or families of the victims.  It was only as she speaks about losing her "proposal" ??? that she sheds anything even close to resembling real tears🙄 Yet still, after being very vocal about what she had witnessed, was still being transferred to other units where she could further disparage & ruin the careers of more hard working doctors, nurses & administrators instead of being sent back home... Now I'm no "Foxy Brown" nor do I pretend to be, but all of this seems very suspect. Murderers don’t let whistle blowing witnesses stick around to witness more murders 😲 Last but not least, the heading says this so called "nurse" is an RN from TX that volunteered to come and help out in NY and in the video she claims to be from upstate NY and complains about having to come down to the city to save Black & Brown people because they are all being left to die by hospital staff ... So which one is it? 

After reading a few of these posts, researching & giving some thought... I have concluded :

1. I now, understand better why 45 needs such a huge re-election war chest & one that is larger than any other sitting president in history... This  has to be costing his camp millions for the lies surrounding 98% of this Reality Show / Soap Opera BS. 

2. The one thing both of these stories have in common is the the unique similarity they both have to the same bogus message that was being flouted by Trump's favorite Black supporters & Fox News side chicks "Moron & Idiot " ... oops I meant "Diamond & Silk" and resulted in their "Twitter" Account suspension.

3. This is all a big con full of lies to divert from the truth of Trump's incompetence & to win over some of the Black & Brown vote in the 2020 election....

I'm appealing to the common sense in all of us to pause, watch, listen, discuss & evaluate these things before believing & sharing these messages in a panic. They are playing on our anger & fears yet once again. .. just like they did in 2016. Difference is... I doubt anyone will sit out the 2020 election ... #stayhome #pissedoffseniors #biden2020 


Commentators React to Trump's Try for Black Vote

 Commentators Danielle Moodie-Mills and Shermichael Singleton 

Deacon Accused of Scamming Harlem Parishioners


Deacon at Harlem’s historic Abyssinian Baptist Church accused of duping parishioners out of more than $200,000 in undelivered home renovations

By Larry McShane NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |FEB 12, 2020

New York City Police Association wages ‘war’ on Mayor


New York City police association wages ‘war’ on mayor after he posts touching message about assassinated cop.....

By Sarah Burris Raw Story Feb 9, 2020


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has seemingly been in a non-stop battle with the New York City police since he came into office demanding they stop killing Black people. But in a new twist, the mayor issued a statement about the recent shooting death of a police officer in the city....    

The Truth About Christopher Columbus


There are many good reasons as to why Columbus Day is such a controversial holiday. Like Andrew Jackson, Christopher Columbus is a historical figure who is celebrated as a mythical hero in the U.S. in spite of his genocidal, racist and pro-slavery legacy. As a result, a movement exists to replace the national holiday known as Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day.

Here is the truth about Columbus Day, explained:

1. Christopher Columbus enslaved the Taínos he encountered in the present-day Bahamas.

When Columbus “discovered” the American continents in 1492 — millions lived there long before Europeans learned of their existence — he encountered a civilization of people known as the Taínos. By his own description, they were curious and friendly, eager to help the new group of people who had landed on their shores.  Over time, Columbus enslaved and exploited them, thereby establishing a precedent wherein Europeans would come to the American continents, exploit natives and steal their land. His actions also laid the foundations for the Europeans to introduce African slavery to the American continents, and Columbus is known to have had an African slave with him on his so-called voyages of discovery.

2. Columbus was also a tyrant, generally speaking.

After becoming governor and viceroy of the Indies, Columbus let the power to go to his head, becoming a brutal autocrat who was eventually loathed by his own followers. When one man was caught stealing corn, Columbus responded by having his nose and ears cut off before selling him into slavery. When a woman claimed that Columbus was of lowly birth, his brother Bartolomé cut out her tongue, stripped her naked and had her paraded around the colony on the back of a mule. And these are just two examples of many. Eventually, the Spanish monarchs realized that Columbus had become power mad and ordered him and his brothers to return to Spain. He never regained his power, although his freedom was eventually restored.

3. Columbus Day was established to honor Italian Americans — but they deserve better.

When Italians first began immigrating to the U.S. in large numbers in the 19th Century, they faced severe discrimination and — quite often — violence. As a result, President Benjamin Harrison, who was an under-appreciated liberal, designated the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival as “a general holiday,” describing the Genoan as a “pioneer of progress and enlightenment.” It eventually became a national holiday in 1937 as the result of intense lobbying by the Catholic fraternal organization known as the Knights of Columbus. Yet there is no reason why a genocidal tyrant should be a symbol of Italian American pride. I say this as a Jewish American who, though proud of his heritage, would never want a monster like Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin to be the symbol of my people’s contribution to the U.S.

4. Indigenous Peoples’ Day makes more sense as a holiday.

Like Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October and exists to honor the millions of indigenous people who inhabited the Western Hemisphere prior to Columbus’ arrival. It was first officially observed in South Dakota in 1989, with the California city of Berkeley deciding to adopt it in 1992 on the 500th anniversary of Columbus landing in the Bahamas. As University of Louisville professor Frank Kelderman recently told the Louisville Courier Journal, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day is an attempt to re-shift the focus of the history of conquest in the Americas, to the presence, culture and variety of indigenous lives. I think it speaks to a renewed interest in the traditions and rights of indigenous people in the general culture.”

5. Indigenous people are more interesting than Columbus, anyway.

When we speak of “indigenous people” or “Native Americans,” we frequently do so as if they were a monolith. However, this is a fallacy, analogous to referring to “Europeans” or “Asians” as a specific group. There are numerous European and Asian cultures, and few would argue that there are not meaningful differences between Russians and Spaniards or Italians and Norwegians, between Han Chinese and Tamils or Koreans and the Javanese in Indonesia. Similarly, there are massive differences between the Taínos who Columbus encountered and the Wampanoag encountered by the English Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony, or between the Aztec Empire destroyed by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés and the Inca Empire which once stretched from modern-day Colombia and Peru to Chile and Argentina. Learning about the great historical contributions of this diverse network of cultures is far more interesting than reading about another egomaniacal despot.



Matthew Rozsa, Salon


Diary of a Lunatic

This is what the Lunatic #45 finds entertaining! We are in grave trouble America ..... Regardless of your party affiliation we have to impeach this man before he gets even more good people hurt or killed....

Watch what happens !!