About Us

The Inspiration

 I started this site because I was tired of spending so much time choosing products, services and sites based on trial and error. I found that communicating with friends in various chat rooms and on social media allowed me to make better decisions expeditiously... It also allowed me to share my successes and disappointments with others ... as well as  hear and share the opinions and experiences of others. 

The Idea

  We are more than just a Blog Site ... we are also the old friend you can contact when you want information and referrals on a variety of topics and services.  We address and list the answers to questions most frequently asked by our readers.... We enjoy being able to redirect our readers to proven legitimate sites and vendors based on their needs.  All we ask in return is your honest feedback... Good or Bad ! 

Why Join Us

 We are an uplifting site for Baby Boomers by Baby Boomers !!  Our Blog is updated monthly and we will place a link to your website for FREE for 6 months if you can pass our "sniff" test. We don't share your email with anyone. Its's all about being honest, trustworthy, saving time, sharing info and the music we love from 1960 to  2000!

Peace & Love... Bunnie